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2017 Womens Summer

Time to gear up for The Gardens’ Ice House In-House Women’s League, Season #15 !


Need your evaluation date!


General Notes:

  • The season will run from around the middle of May through the middle of August.  All games take place are at The Gardens Ice House.
  •  11 games (10 games + 1 guaranteed playoff).  The cost per player will be $295 to $305 depending on the number of players per team, and $190 Per Goalie. 
  • The league is set up for women 18 yrs old and older.  USA Hockey has OK’d younger players, if spots are available.
  •  As we have done in the past, we will do what we can to keep the games during weeknights, but there were a couple weekend games last season.  If we go to ten teams, the additional slots will be standard adult league slots, with minimal affect on any one group..
  •  Women sign up as individuals and attend an evaluation session ($20).   Eval Dates:
  1. Wed 4/19 8:20pm (How’s that AB?),   (2) Fri 4/21 9:20pm,   (3) Sat 4/22 3:40pm,  (4) Tues 5/2 7:20pm,  (5) Thurs 5/4 7:30pm
  • After evaluations, the captains draft teams in an effort to make the league as balanced as possible. 

 Bring $20 and your USA hockey registration number to the eval, here’s the USA Hockey link if you’re not registered:

  • Due to the success of your efforts at all three levels, we will have an Upper, Middle, and Lower division again this summer.
  • If you can help manage a team, please let me know.

Registration Links

Womens CAPTAIN Registration Link-  the team captains uses this link to register the team.  If a team has co-captains only 1 of the co-captains uses this link to register the team, the other captain uses the player link to register.


Womens PLAYER Registration Link-  players who have attended an evaluation, and who were drafted by the captains must use this link to register themselves onto the teams roster.