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Pointstreak Schedule

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How to go about making up or re-scheduling a Game.


First Please Note  Directly from the  Rules and Procedures Page The Gardens Ice House Ice House is not Required to Reschedule Any Games Unless:

"Schedule Changes
Schedule changes will be made by the league only to accommodate games that cannot be played due to rink equipment failure and the closing of the rink due to inclement weather (hurricanes, blizzards, etc.).
Teams that have conflicts with published schedule times have two choices.
1. Show up and make the best of the game
2. Not show up and forfeit
Any team that fails to appear for three consecutive games will be removed from the schedule without any refund. "

The League offers you a 3rd opportunity to try and swap games with other teams from within a teams own division or ask the league for open ice slots so you can try and reschedule your game.

If the team has an issue with a scheduled  game the team captain must send us an email at least 4 days prior to the game date that they want swapped ( game changes can only by made Monday-Friday when league administrators are available). We will get back to the team captain  with a list of possible dates/times/teams to swap with/or open ice slots. The captain requsting the change  must then contact his opponent's captain, and if your trying to do a game swap, the 2 other captains that he wants to  swap slots with. If any of the other 3 captains declines the swap, all games will remain as scheduled. If all 4 captains agree to a swap, email us the agreement and the change will be processed.  The League will not take these steps for you. It is the captains responsibility to work out their own game swap.  If the captain cant, then the league rules listed above  will be followed. Under no circumstances will the league simply cancel a game and reschedule it for  a later date.

* Teams must submit  special events such as, weddings, tournaments, religious holidays, or  any event that will cause them to be unable to play at the beginning of the season, we will allow 30 days from the start of season to submit any such events  .  If we have this information up front we can work the schedule around them. After that 30 day period, we will follow the rules posted above. The League will not cancel games and reschedule them for you.

If you have special circumstances and would like to try and Reschedule your game please see the steps below.


You must give us 4 days advance notice ( if you do not give us 4 days notice, your team will be charged the fees necessary to cover  the referee and score keepers costs) and you must do the following procedures when trying to re-schedule a game:

1. Send  us an email with your teams name, the date and time of the game to be changed, the name of your opposing team and an explanation of why the game needs to be re-scheduled to Nikki .  We will review your request and  send you , you only possible options for a switch and contact information for all captains who may be effected by the change.

2. You will need to contact All captains  who may be effected and discuss your  wishes for postponing/switching your game.

3. All team captains must agree on the rescheduled game.

4. Send an email to Nikki  letting her know which  Option that we sent you you deided on. All 4 Captains must send an email that they are in agreement to the change.

6.You will be notified within 72 hours that the change has been acknowledged ,accepted and posted to the scheduling website.