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Sub Goalie List

Sub Goalie Rule

Sub Goalies Regular Season: A goalie on a teams roster may substitute for any team at or above his/her level, regardless of " Tier". Rostered goalies in Bronze may sub for any level, Silver may sub for any Silver teams ( Silver 1, Silver 2, etc) or any Gold teams, and Gold may sub for only Gold teams.

Sub Goalies Playoff Season- There is no minimum games requirement for a goalie to play in the playoffs, however only goalies who are on the roster ( as a goalie) of another team that is at or below that level will be allowed to sub. The use of any goalie who is " playing down" will result in a 2-0 forfeit by the offending team for use of an illegal player.

Goalies in the 50+ Division. To play as a goalie in the 50+ division a goalie must be at least 40 years old.

In regards to sub goalies, teams should be looking for goalies 40 and over as well, however if they can not find one they may ask the other captains in their division for approval to use a specific goalie who is younger than 40 if they are unable to find a goalie.

For the regular season only, teams may use a goalie who is not registered on a team in the adult league, however they must provide a valid USA Hockey number before they can play.  During the playoffs teams may only use a sub goalie who is registered in our league  on the roster of another team as a goalie.

Non-Rostered Sub Goalie Suspension- in the event a sub goalie earns a suspension, goalie will be suspended from playing as sub goalie from all teams until such time the suspension  term for the original team has been served.


*** Sub Goalies Must be USA HOCKEY REGISTERED.  Any sub goalie who is not a regularly rostered goalie, will have to provide a copy of his USA Hockey Number before he can play.

They should check in at least 10 minute before the game time and submit their usa hockey number. They can email it to the league agead of time to save time.

2018-2019 Fall/Winter Sub Goalie List

Sub Goalie list for the 2018-2019 season is getting a make over!

Please be patient as we update the sub goalie list for 2018-2019 Fall/Winter



a * indicates the player is age eligible to participate in the 50+ Division without approval from the other other captains.   If there is no * then the player is not eligible to play for a 50+ team unless the other captain(s) approve.

Mens League Rostered Goalies ( eligible to play in the playoffs)

* = eligible to sub in 50+ Name Email Lowest Division Lowest team
* David Anderson 50+ Silver Alert
* Douglas Baker 50+ Collision Expert
Craig Beatty Bronze 3A Pucks Deep
Dominick Bellizzi Silver1/2 TWSS
Nicholas Bondurant Silver 1 Old School
Orion Boylston Bronze 2B Mastodons
Daniel Bryan Bronze 2A Heinken Light
Adam Buckingham Bronze 4A Eskimo Brothers
Robert Burnett Silver 1/2 Scorehub
* George Carlson Bronze 1 Cruisers
* Jeff Daniels Bronze 4B Polar Beers
Tyler Depfer Silver 3 Spyros Slam
Matthew Dillon Bronze3A Rubber Biscuits
* Stephen Emburey 50+ Rocky Hockey
Patrick Farha Bronze 1 Avengers
Nicholas Ferree Silver 1/2 Scorehub
* Stephen Fleishman Silver 1/2 Fop35ers
Michael Fricker Silver 4 Heineken
Travis Gabriel Bronze 4A Seal Team Sticks
James Goodwin Bronze 2A Blades of Steel
Matt Goodwin Bronze 2A Heineken Light
Paul Hammond Bronze 2B Wheaton Caps
* Joseph Harris 50+ Aging Bulls
Stpehen Haworth Bronze 4B Avalanche
Matthew Heverly Silver 1/2 Laughing Skulls
* David Hitaffer Bronze 2A The Outsiders
Nicholas Jaosinski Bronze 1 Ice Cats
Timothy Jones Bronze 3B Laughing Skulls
* Dino Kalush Bronze 4A Rubber Biscuits
Christina Kay Bronze 4B Megalodon
* Ryan Kelley Bronze 3A Lagerheads
Christopher Kennedy Bronze 4B The Invincibles
Brett Kibler Silver 1/2 U.S.Eh
Michael Killoy Bronze 2A The Whalers
* Eric Kulacz Bronze 4A GNU
Nicholas LaBarre Silver 4 The Highlanders
* Ken Lozupone Bronze 4A Arrow Bicycle
Justin Marksamer Silver 1/2 Dawgs
* Brian Mcgeeney Bronze 4B Beast Ice
Ron McNeil Bronze 3B Micro Brewins
Ryan Meeks Bronze 2B Jailbreak
Sarah Modzelewski Bronze 1 Laughing Skulls
Luke Mohamed Bronze 3A Bullets Odenthal
* Greg Mumma Bronze 4B Avalanche
* Dan Murphy 50+ Rusty Bolts
* Ken Myers Bronze 4A Laughing Skulls
Michael Panczenko Bronze 2B Laughing Skulls
Justin page Bronze 3B Nordiques
* Sebastian Passaniti Bronze 4A GNU
Mike Peters michael.alexander.pete Silver 1 Old School
Chad Potocky Bronze 4B Avalanche
Brandon Potter Silver 3 Green Guys
Maria Powell Bronze 2A Blades of Steel
Michael Putiri Bronze 3A Bullets Odenthal
* Tim Drew Ryan Bronze 4A Rubber Biscuit
* John Scavilla Bronze 3B Sharks/Meltdown
Jeff Senft Silver 1/2 Dawgs
Chung Shek Bronze 3B DeadKings
* Jim Sholly Bronze 3B Deadkings
* Neal Simonsen 50+ Elder Skatesmen
* Mike Solpietro Bronze 3B Meltdown
* Nance Streifel Bronze 4A Sharknado
Anna Streifel Bronze 4B Shark Trek
Mike Swift Bronze 4B Avalanche
Brent Taylor Silver 1/2 Hockey Donkeys
* Jospeh Tomaseelo 50+ Elder Skatesmen
Stephen Vanderpoel Bronze 3B HV Hockey
Matthew Vivlamore Silver 4 2inthebox
Andrew Weiser Bronze 3A Bullets Vaughan
Justin Weston Bronze 2A Wolfe Pack
Travis Weyforth Bronze 4B Polar Beers
* Robert Widmer Bronze 2B Jailbreak
* James Wolf Silver 1 Old School
Matthew Wolf Bronze 3A Flavortown
Jeffrey Wong SLADE.WONG@GMAIL.COM Silver 1/2 Laughing Skulls
Nathan Wright Bronze 2A Heineken Light
Nathan Wright Bronze 4B The Invincibles
David Yampolski Silver 3 The Eh Team

Non League Goalies ( can sub in regular season only)

* = eligible to sub in 50 + Division Name Email Level
* Paul Amick Bronze
Stephanie Beben Bronze
* Steven Borsh
Angie Bryl Bronze
Zizwe Chase Bronze
* Livingston Cheng Bronze
Adam Childs AN97CHILDS@GMAIL.COM Silver
Tyler Coleman Bronze
Travis Danko Silver
Matt Eckler Silver
* Sep Franhoffer Bronze
Andrew Gezik Bronze
William Goldman Bronze
Ken Harrison Bronze
Logan Hartsell Bronze
David Hayes Bronze
* Brendan Henry Bronze
* Pete Krasulski Silver
Derek Lavigne Gold/Silver
Isaac Leventon Bronze
* Merritt Lyon Bronze
* Donald Milkewicz DMILKEWICZ@GMAIL.COM Silver
Ralph Mix Bronze
* Nicholas Mooneyhan Bronze
Aubree Moore Silver
John Osborne Bronze
Andrew Palmateer Bronze
Alex Pelaia Bronze
Steven Pierce Bronze
* Derek Rabold
* Jerald "Joe" Reich 50+
David Schwab Bronze
Alex Sellouk Bronze
Austin Smith Bronze
Jonathon Thompson Bronze/Silver
* Dave Tran Bronze
* Emile Trombetti Bronze
* H. Wallie Ward Silver
* Jeff Wassertein Bronze
Ali Baig Bronze

Womens League Goalies ( can sub for mens league regular season games)

Name email Team
Greg Mumma Redrum
John Scavilla Blue Stockings Society
Jennifer Sokol Mighty Rubber Ducks
Manishika Agasker Blue Lagoons
Caitlyn Jasberg Betty Whites
Madeleine Pedersen Lettuce Win