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Sub Goalie List

Sub Goalie Rule

Sub Goalies Regular Season: A goalie on a teams roster may substitute for any team at or above his/her level, regardless of " Tier". Rostered goalies in Bronze may sub for any level, Silver may sub for any Silver teams ( Silver 1, Silver 2, etc) or any Gold teams, and Gold may sub for only Gold teams.

Sub Goalies Playoff Season- There is no minimum games requirement for a goalie to play in the playoffs, however only goalies who are on the roster ( as a goalie) of another team that is at or below that level will be allowed to sub. The use of any goalie who is " playing down" will result in a 2-0 forfeit by the offending team for use of an illegal player.

Goalies in the 50+ Division. To play as a goalie in the 50+ division a goalie must be at least 40 years old.

In regards to sub goalies, teams should be looking for goalies 40 and over as well, however if they can not find one they may ask the other captains in their division for approval to use a specific goalie who is younger than 40 if they are unable to find a goalie.

For the regular season only, teams may use a goalie who is not registered on a team in the adult league, however they must provide a valid USA Hockey number before they can play.  During the playoffs teams may only use a sub goalie who is registered in our league  on the roster of another team as a goalie.

Non-Rostered Sub Goalie Suspension- in the event a sub goalie earns a suspension, goalie will be suspended from playing as sub goalie from all teams until such time the suspension  term for the original team has been served.


*** Sub Goalies Must be USA HOCKEY REGISTERED.  Any sub goalie who is not a regularly rostered goalie, will have to provide a copy of his USA Hockey Number before he can play.

They should check in at least 10 minute before the game time and submit their usa hockey number. They can email it to the league agead of time to save time.

2019 Spring/Summer Rostered Goalies ( Eligible for Playoffs)

Name Email Lowest Division Team Name additional
Max Adsit Bronze 2B Bullets Odenthal
Eric Astran Bronze 4 Arrow Bicycle
Tom Balloch Silver Upper Hockey Donkeys
Craig Beatty Bronze 2B Pucks Deep
Dominick Bellizzi Silver Upper TWSS
Orion Boylston Silver Middle Rockfish
Daniel Bryan Bronze 2A Wiley Gunters
Angie Bryl Bronze 1 Ice Cats
Adam Buckingham Bronze 4 Eskimo Brothers
Robert Burnett Silver Upper Scorehub
George Carlson Bronze 2A Cruisers
Michael Carpenter Bronze 2B The Brewins
Brody Cavanaugh Gold Young Guns
Adam Childs Silver Upper Spyros Slam
Ray Coscia Bronze 2A Deez Pucks
Jeff Daniels Bronze 4 Polar Beers
Darren Delullo Silver Upper Dawgs
Tyler Depfer Silver Upper Spyros Slam
Matthew Dillon Bronze 3A Rubber Biscuits
John Doyle Gold Core
Patrick Farha Bronze 1 Avengers
Michael Fricker Silver Lower Heieneken
Travis Gabriel Bronze 3B Seal Team Sticks
James Goodwin Bronze 2B Blades of Steel
Matt Goodwin Silver Middle Hockey Donkeys
Brendan Henry Bronze 2A Screaming Squirrels
Matthew Heverly Silver Upper Laughing Skulls
Timothy Hill Silver Lower Eagles
Stephen Horak Silver Middle Looney Goons
Nicholas Jarosinski Bronze 1 Ice Cats
Caitlyn Jasberg Bronze 4 Thundercats
Ryan Kelley Bronze 3A Lagerheads
Christopher Kennedy Bronze 2B The Invincibles
Brett Kibler Gold U.S.Eh
Michael Killoy Bronze 2A The Whalers
Dylan Klein Bronze 2A Wiley Gunters
Eric Kulacz Bronze 4 Laughing Skulls
Nicholas LaBarre Silver Middle The Highlanders
Ken Lozupone Bronze 4 Arrow Bicycles
Merritt Lyon Bronze 2A Screaming Squirrels
Justin Marksamer Silver Upper Dawgs
Dan McElwain Bronze 3A Hockey Donkeys
Kirk Mcginley Gold Muskrats
Ron McNeil Bronze 3B Micro Brewins
Alvaro Medina Bronze 3A Laughing Skulls
Ryan Meeks Bronze 2A Jailbreak
J Grant Mitchell Silver Lower The Eh Team
Sarah Modzelewski Bronze 1 Laughing Skulls may not sub low bronze
Nicholas Mooneyhan Bronze 3A Lagerheads
Justin Page Bronze 3B Nordiques
Sebastian Passaniti Bronze 4 Gnu
Mike Peters Gold Dedicated
Malcolm Pharr Bronze 2A The Outsiders
Chad Potocky Bronze 4 Avalanche
Brandon Potter Bronze 3A Laughing Skulls
Michael Putiri Bronze 2B Bullets
Robert Raymer Bronze 3B Beast Ice
Matthew Robinson Silver Middle Looney Goons
Tim Drew Ryan Bronze 4 Rubber Biscuits
John Scavilla Bronze 3B Sharks
Alex Sellouk Bronze 4 Shark Trek
Chung Shek Bronze 3A Deadkings
Shane Smith Bronze 2A Bullets Vaughan
Mike Solpietro Bronze 3A Meltdown
Nance Streifel Bronze 3B Sharknado
Mike Swift Bronze 4 Avalanche
Brent Taylor Gold Dedicated Hockey
David Tran Bronze 4 Beast Ice
Stephen Vanderpoel Bronze 3B HV Hockey
Matthew Vivlamore Bronze 1 Ice Cats
Andrew Weiser Bronze 3B Beast Ice
Justin Weston Bronze 2A Wolfe Pack
Travis Weyforth Bronze 3B Polar Beers
Robert Widmer Bronze 2A Kailbreak
Matthew Wolf Bronze 3B Flavortown
Nathan Wright Bronze 2B The Invincibles