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Summer 2019 Mens Adult Hockey

2019 Spring/Summer League Options


*  Minimum of 4 teams per division

* Spaces in each division will be limited, the league does not hold spaces, registration is first come first serve.

*The League Reserves the right to move teams from one division to another. Any division changes the league makes will be Mandatory*

Gold Division: Team is comprised primarily of Elite level players. Team members are former professional (any level and Europe), NCAA Division I and III College, Major Junior, or Junior A. Slap shots allowed, no checking.

Silver Division: Team is comprised primarily of intermediate to advance level players. Team members may have played no higher than the following levels: Junior B, Non-Varsity College (ACHA), Midget AAA, Prep Schools or Varsity High School. Slap shots allowed, no checking

Bronze Division: Team is comprised primarily of less experienced recreational level players. Team members may have played some organized youth hockey up to the Bantam level. Slap shots allowed, no checking.

Bronze 4 Rule Adjustment updated  as of Spring/Summer 2019

Bronze 4 players will be bound by certain rules, which all captains and players must abide by to be eligible to play for Bronze 4.

Bronze 4 Rostered Players should only consist of players with NO YOUTH/HIGH SCHOOL or COLLEGE LEVEL EXPERIENCE. Under No Circumstances should players with this experience be playing Bronze 4. Players with ANY experience will be removed from Bronze 4. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Any Full-time or Part-time Rostered players and subs who plays on a Bronze 3 team may play on Bronze 4 without approval from the league. 

Any Full-Season or Half-Season Rostered players and subs who plays on a Bronze 1 or Bronze 2  team who wish to play on a Bronze 4 team must submit a request for exception to the league.  It must be a letter in writing as to who the player is and why they should be allowed to play Bronze4  

No players that play on a Bronze 4 team may play on a team that is higher than Bronze 1

Bronze 4 Captains will begin to police their own division, by use of a  Bronze 4 Captains Committee lead by Hector Rosario, as issues arrive they will be taken to the captains committee before being approached to the league

General Bronze Rule

 **  No players who play on a Silver 3 team and above, may play on a  Bronze 1-3 team without prior approval from the league. The captain of the Bronze team must submit a letter in writing as to who the silver player is and why they should be allowed to play Bronze.  

**  The Gardens Adult Hockey League strives to maintain division parity.  If a player is registered in Bronze and is found to be a player of higher abilities the league reserves  the right to remove the player from the roster and provide any and all assistance with finding that player a roster spot at a more appropriate level.*

Women's Division: For women who are currently active in hockey or who are interested in getting into the game. Full range of talent levels. Slap shots allowed, no checking. Individual registrations only - no teams accepted. Evaluations are required.

Season Information

*Due to ice availability we are limited with the amount of teams we can accept.

*The League Reserves the right to move teams from one division to another. Any division changes the league makes will be Mandatory *

 1. Season Includes:

A 15 game guarantee.

14 regular season games and single elimination playoff which all teams qualify for.

 2. Registration Deadlines:  

Teams must be registered by March 15, 2019 .   Registration closes March 15, 2019 or when all spots are filled. Spots are limited, registration on first come first serve basis

ALL Players ( even subs) have until May 30 2019 to Register

Roster Freeze Begins May 30 2019

    2018 -2019 hockey season. 

 3. Team Cost and Payment Info:  Cost per team is $6,118.00

A.) $5,918.00-  this is a $200 discount if the Captain pays the full team fee by March 15, 2019.                         

  • An installment plan is available online, installments will be automatically charged.
    • $375.00 deposit
    • ½ Balance April 1
    • Balance May 1

B.) $6,118.00- If captain only pays the deposit and assigns the rest to his players

· Captain Pays $375.00 deposit to register the Team (No Installment Option )

· Captain will need to know how much they are charging their full season players, half season players, goalies and Subs. Captain will enter those rates in the appropriate box when asked and their players will pay those rates when they register onto the teams roster.

(Additional fees may have to be paid at a later date if the captain assigns his players additional fees.)

  • Captains will have the ability to see who has paid and adjust the fees they assigned to their players if needed. Once the players have registered their names and amount paid will appear in the Manage Account  " Distribute Payments" section.

· The team fee allows only 25 players ( captain + 24), captains have control of how much of the team fee each of these 25 players owes.  All Players must be registered by Roster Freeze date May 30, 2019.

· Full Team / Player Payments – Due by May 30, 2019

* Failure to meet the payment date will result in forfeited games . No team is eligible to play until the full $6,118.00 has been paid.

4. Roster Size and Roster Freeze:

Rosters will cap at 25 players ( captain + 24).After 25 players, we will still allow subs to be added, however they will be required to pay a $50 administrative fee.

 *This administrative fee does not count towards the teams fee and is NON REFUNDABLE

 Once a player registers the only way the player will be removed is by doing a player trade. Players will not be removed from the roster to free up a roster spot for another player.

USA Hockey limits the number of players on the bench to 18 skaters and 2 goalies per game.  .

All players ( even subs) must be registered on their teams roster by the roster freeze.   Once roster freeze hits , regardless of weather a team has 25 players on their roster or not, the only way a team can add a player to their roster is if they are doing a player trade

Rosters Freeze 30 days from the start of the season ( NOT from the start of  each teams first game)

Rosters will Freeze May 30, 2019.

In the event that you need to permanently replace a player due to injury or relocation after the roster freeze date. You can do a player trade to replace the player by paying a $50.00 Player add on fee. It will be a one for one trade.Minimum game requirements for Playoff eligiblibility still apply.



5 ****Player Check–In  and  Game Attendance ***

From the start if the season to May 30, 2019 all players must check in at the front registration table and must present a valid photo ID

All Players are Required to have a Unique Number on their Jersey. Duplicate Jersey Numbers or Jerseys without a Number are NOT permitted.

All season longafter every game the Captains must review the score sheet and sign verifying the attendance for that game is correct.

Teams/Captains/Players have 48 hours ( 2 days) from the time the game ends to review the score sheet on Pointstreak to make sure everything got properly posted. This includes ( Players attendance, goals, and assists).  No changes will be made to the attendance unless what was verified on the signed paper score sheet was posted incorrectly in Pointstreak.

 6.  Refund Policy:

Individual Player Refunds are not done by the rink. Since each player is paying part of a team fee assigned to them by the teams captain, refunds are an internal matter to be handled within each team.

Team Over Payment Refund: If a team over pays their league fee , a refund will be issued back to the captainonce all teams have paid in full. The captain will then be responsible for distributing the fees back to his players as he sees fit.

  7. Critical Dates:

  • Game play : Starts Mid/Late April -  Mid August. Playoffs estimated Mid/Late August/Early September
  • League Rules, Policies and Procedures Captains Meeting : TBD
  • End of Team Registration  March 15, 2019 or when spots are full.
  • Roster Freeze May 30, 2019
  • Last day for Roster Trades:  TBD

8. Playoff Eligibility:

Players must play in a minimum of 1/3 of the season games ( 5 games) to be eligible to participate in the playoffs. Except the Gold division, Gold Division players must play in a minimum of 3 games to be eligible for playoffs.  NO EXCEPTIONS REGARDLESS OF THE REASON.  

9. Practices:
Additional team practices can be arranged in the form of a Private Pick-Up Session. Cost will be a flat rate of $150.00 which covers up to 20 players. The $150.00 fee is due at the time of the reservation. Practices are offered on extra available ice time, so practice lengths will vary.  All Players must sign in at the front desk when attending the practice sessions

10. Rules and Procedures:

** Please be sure to read the league  Rules and Procedures.

**You are responsible for knowing the Rules and Procedures**

10 A.)  ALL referees judgmental decisions are final and are not subject to protest, appeal or review.
* Live Barn will 
NOT be used to dispute calls made by referees.*


 ** Our league is a Team Enrollment League, meaning that captains are responsible for the recruitment/maintenance of their rosters, and the team as a whole is responsible for the collection or reimbursement of all league fees. Captains can choose to pay the full fee themselves or distribute it amongst players via Pointstreak.

 Note: should a player fail to make payment the unpaid balance falls back on the team. The decision to issue a player a refund for any reason is an internal team matter, there are no exceptions


Thank you for your interest in the Gardens Ice House Adult League one USA Hockey's largest programs" 


Registration NOW OPEN!

Manage Account-  Use this link to manage your individual or team account
(check teams financial,  make payments, and  view registrations and invoices)

Captains Registration ( Captains use this link to register the team)

Player Registration(For Players already recruited by a team/ 25 player limit): once a team reaches 25 players the team will no longer show up as an option to register, players must then use the 26th or more registration link below to register

26th or more Players : DO NOT USE THIS LINK UNTIL 25 PLAYERS HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED ON THE ROSTER, IT WILL TAKE AWAY A ROSTER SPOT IF YOU REGISTER TOO EARLY( you will be required to pay a $50 administrative fee to register, this fee is not applied towards the team fee and is NON REFUNDABLE)

Individual Players Looking to Join a Team:  You must add your name to the player wait list and wait to be recruited by a team captain.