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2019-2020 Womens League

The Gardens Ice House is proud to announce the 14th Season for our In-House Women’s Winter League!

Schedule:  Most games will be Sunday afternoons, with the addition of some Friday evenings.  We will have six teams, consisting of players who have attended an evaluation, and are then drafted by the captains onto balanced teams.  I expect us to start somewhere between 10/13 and 10/20.  The season will consist of 14 regular season games plus one guaranteed playoff game.  

Financials:  Goalies $215, players should be about $435 to $450, depending on how many we end up with on each roster.   

Other Stuff:  You need to have a current US Hockey registration number:    You must be 18 yrs old or older to join us.  We have amaximum of 96 slots and filled up pretty quickly last year, so if you want to play, please don’t wait to contact me.

Evaluations$20 per attendee, except goalies who attend at no charge.  The eval dates are: 

(1)   Friday 8/23 at 9:40pm,      (2) Sun 8/25 at 8:30pm,   (3) Thurs 8/29 at 10:00pm,  (4) Fri Sept 6 at 9:30pm - let me know which you can make.

Draft:  The draft will be held shortly after the last eval session.  The draft is set up to allow captains to put together evenly balanced teams.  The first 60 players who respond are guaranteed spots.  Goalies try out and the best four are drafted.

Equipment:  If you are new to the sport and need equipment, or if you need to replace some of your well worn equip’ with some that’s been ‘gently used’, please contact me.  I have plenty of ‘stuff’ and would be happy to help you.

If you have any questions, contact me, John Scavilla, at


Gardens Ice House Women’s Ice Hockey League Mission Statement and Code of Conduct

Mission:  Since inception, our goal has been to provide a safe, fun, and competitive environment for all women playing in the league, from beginner through college level players.  The Administration, Captain’s Council, and players are asked to keep the big picture in mind:  Do the best we can to ensure each game is a positive experience, so we may continue to have players return each season, and grow the league by encouraging new players to join. 

Ice hockey is a competitive sport, but our league is non-check.  This is a recreational league.  We play for fun and exercise, focusing on safety first, so we need to consistently self-police/look out for one another by taking responsibility for ourselves.  Players need to remember good sportsmanship and make split second decisions to protect themselves and opponents.  Dangerous plays may occur that are still within the rules and not something that can be penalized.  Captains should encourage players to play to the best of their ability while conducting themselves in a safe and controlled manner.  Players should report unacceptable behavior, on and off the ice, to captains or the League Commissioner.

Code of Conduct: 

1)Respect teammates and opponents.  We want competitive play and effort at the highest level, without a “cutthroat win at all cost” mentality.  If necessary, the Captain’s Council may vote to have a player play under Dominant Player guidelines.

2)Be a good sport.  Win and lose with class.  Be courteous to all your teammates by allowing for equal playing time.  This is not a league where “star” players get more ice time or call the shots.

3)Intent to injure, fighting, and dangerous play will not be tolerated.

4)Verbal abuse, including cyber bullying, will not be tolerated.  No player is allowed to engage or talk to a teammate, opponent, or official in a negative, intimidating, or confrontational manner. 

5)Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

6)No player can approach or argue with a referee during a game.  Only a team captain can approach a referee during a stoppage of play to ask a question or ask for an explanation.

7)Respect the facility that hosts us!  Respect their employees and the rink rules.

8)Communicate to your captain, in advance of game day, whether or not you will be playing.  We know things change, but keep your captain informed so you don’t put your team in a bind.

9)Captains:  Players who are not part of our league cannot sub unless the League Commissioner has approved them and the opposing captain is in agreement.  In some situations, eligibility may require a vote by the Captain’s Council.  Captains repeatedly using unapproved or inappropriate subs or who otherwise work to stack their teams may be asked to step down by the Captain’s Council or League Commissioner.

10)At the request of the Women’s League Commissioner, and with support of the Captain’s Council, Management of the Gardens Ice House reserves the right to suspend, put on probation, and/or expel/ban any player who violates, including but not limited to, reasons noted above, and/or does not follow:  USA Hockey rules and Rules specific to the Adult league but not listed above.  In the event a suspension or expulsion is being considered, negative or hostile social media posts regarding other players or the rink may be taken into consideration.

11)Players are not subject to any refund due to injury or any disciplinary action.


Womens Captain Registration- Captains use this link to register your team

* If Co-Captains only ONE of the captains uses this link to register the team, the other uses the player registration link to register.


Womens Player Registration- To be used by womens players already recruited onto a team to register themselves onto the teams roster.

The second co-captain should also use this link to register